A Parable on Prayer

It is really cool and amazing how God send these little prompts to pray for things of great important. Whenever I hear “overseas or New Zealand”, my oldest daughter who is teaching in New Zealand comes to mind. And I’ll pray for her. Whenever I hear the words long drive or commute I will think of my oldest son who has a brutal commute each day. And I’ll pray for him. My 3rd child is away in University. He is also an avid dragon boater. Whenever I hear of University, or competition or water sports I will think and pray for him. My youngest is away in college training to be a nurse. Whenever I hear of health care or nursing I will pray for her. In addition just recently her cat died. The cat was very young, only around 2 years old and died very suddenly. The cat was everything to my daughter, so whenever I hear of pets or cats I will pray for her.

Photo sent from my sister in Christ Celeste

I love the many Christian followers that I have on Twitter. Even though the vast majority I have never met, there is a common thread in Jesus Christ that binds us all together. Just the other day I got a couple photos of Monarch butterflies sent to me through Twitter from a Christian sister/friend with the words, “The prompt to pray for you comes with odd inspirations”. With my passion and involvement with the upcoming Monarch Ultra, seeing Monarch butterflies has inspired this dear friend to pray for me and my church ministry.

Prayer is communication with God. As individuals we can pray to God any place at any time. In our church we also have what is known as corporate prayer. This is a little more than just praying together, it is being in agreement with each other in prayer. In our church we also recite in unison what is known as “The Lord’s Prayer”.Ā  In the Catholic Church it is called “The Our Father Prayer”. Jesus taught this prayer as a perfect way to pray to God the Father. We can become so familiar with reciting The Lord’s Prayer each week that we can forget how powerful the words are that we are saying.

In Luke Chapter 11, after Jesus taught the disciples The Lord’s Prayer, He shared a parable. A parable is a simple story to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson. Jesus often taught using parables.Ā  It is about a man who was petitioning on behalf of a friend! God wants us to be persistent, and that there is nothing too big or small for God. God knows us better than we know ourselves. Don’t be afraid to be persistent. He knows our circumstances. The greatest friend you can have is a friend who prays for you! And the greatest friend you can be is to pray for that friend!

My sister had a very interesting occurrence about a stray cat that showed up at the door of her country home. The cat kept meowing and meowing, almost like it was begging for my sister to let her in the house. Eventually the cat sought shelter in a driving shed that had a big open door. Not long after my sister looked out and thought she saw another stray. But when she took a second look, it was the neighbourhood fox patiently waiting for the cat to emerge. The fox is important to be around in order to keep mice and moles under control in the neighbouring countryside. With my sister more aware of the circumstances regarding the stray cat, she shooed the fox away, went and found the cat, brought her into the house and then provided a nice little spot for her. The next day the FULL circumstances became known. The cat was a very pregnant cat, and she gave birth to 4 little kittens. That took place a few months ago, and those new kittens are now placed in great homes. God knows our thoughts before we even express them as words. He knows our FULL circumstances. God desires that we communicate with Him in prayer for both ourselves and those around us!



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