I Love You THIS Much

There was a time when my kids were little and either my wife and I would ask how much they love us.  It was so cute as they would spread their arms as wide as they could get them and say, “That much!”  And sometimes they would do it without even being asked.  How cool is that?  🙂

Now that they are young adults, we know they still love us, but the dynamics have changed.  We no longer ask that question knowing the response is different.

It is interesting in John 21 Jesus poses this question “do you love me?”  We have to remember the last time the Bible had mentioned Peter and Jesus together in Luke 22:54-62 Peter was denying Jesus publicly, possibly even throwing in some cuss words to distance himself from the Lord. “I don’t know the blanket blank man”.  Then when the rooster crowed as Jesus said would happen and Peter went out and wept bitterly.

Peter denies Jesus. Image Source

Peter denies Jesus. Image Source

It is also interesting to note the actual question.  Jesus did not ask about a profession of faith or being one of the apostles.  He asked “do you love me”?.  There is a HUGE difference

We may already have a profession of faith and be a follower of Jesus as a Christian.  But do we love Jesus?  If we have slipped away, what a comfort to know that just like in Peter’s situation, Jesus is here to tenderly restore us.

Image Source

Jesus loves us no matter what. Image Source




4 thoughts on “I Love You THIS Much

  1. ‘God is Love’.
    In our mess He still cares, when we turn our hearts back to Him He is still there. What an Amazing Love.
    It is often said ‘if you get a revelation of God’s love, it is easy to love your neighbours’.
    God bless Carl!

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  2. I believe God leaves it up to each of us to love him in our own way. He accepts each of us for who we are and nurtures us in his own way. Regardless of our love, I feel he offers his always. For me personally, I feel a great comfort in believing and sharing a powerful relationship with him.

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    • What a tremendous comment Dr. Jonathon. Love the fact that we were not created “robots” and we can express our love to God in our own way! And thank you for sharing your personal take on your relationship with God. Life takes on a whole new meaning having that powerful, personal relationship! 🙂

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