The “Unofficial” Beginning to Summer

Officially it is called the Victoria Day weekend, but many people call it “May two-four”, or the “May 24 long weekend”.  What makes it so special in Canada, is that after a long winter, the weather is warming up, and there is a pretty good chance you can walk around without a jacket.  It is the “Unofficial Beginning to Summer”.  🙂

If heading north the traffic is so busy. Image source.

If heading north the traffic is so busy. Image source.

For some it is a time to open up the cottage.  There will be a steady stream of traffic heading north to get to your destination though.  Others might have friends or family over for a barbeque, or perhaps later in the evening sitting a round a campfire.  For many gardeners the May two-four weekend is the time to plant your garden.  Always marvel how amazing it is to plant something as small as a pumpkin seed and 4 months later from that seed come a massive pumpkin. The summer season in Canada is so short and everyone just wants to make the most of it.

woman hands earthing beetroot sprouts closeup Image source.

Gardening is so therapeutic and rewarding. Image source.

The seasons of life can also go by extremely fast.  Just like at the end of summer and you ask, “Where did summer go?”, when a person reaches retirement age it can often be the same question, “Where did life go?”  It goes by so fast.

So important to "plant your life well" Image Source

So important to “plant your life well” Image Source


The writer of Ecclesiastes has said, “To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven”.  Today is time for one thing; tomorrow may be time for another.  God has made everything beautiful in His time.  Enjoy this long weekend and everything God has given you.



6 thoughts on “The “Unofficial” Beginning to Summer

    • Thank you for sharing this Bonnie. Often it is a process to get there. I am very happy that you are content right where you are. So important.
      God bless, and have a wonderful weekend! 🙂


  1. Absolutely riveting write up and insightful at the same time… “God’s placed us where He wants us”- beautiful comment, in all of these all I can see is God’s splendour..
    Have a lovely weekend sir!

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