The Unseen Power

Electricity has always been around, but it has only just been over a century that mankind has been able to commercially harness it.  Who would have thought. Who would have thought that from that daring experiment by Benjamin Franklin where he extracted power from a lightning rod using a metal key tied to a kite.  And today just at the flick of a switch we have instant electrical power.

Electricity is one of those forces in nature where we cannot see it, we may not fully understand it, but we know it is real.  It is something we do not even think about, we take for granted…….until there is a power failure.

On Sunday we will be looking at another “unseen force”.  Hard to understand, but for the Christian we know it is real, often demonstrated by God’s power in our lives.  It is called the Holy Spirit!

2 thoughts on “The Unseen Power

  1. Although my spiritual beliefs align differently from yours, I have great respect for your message and the value it offers. I believe there is great importance in listening to and sharing the different beliefs in our world. The commonality to rise to new levels of personal consciousness and reach out to help our fellow man is a common thread found in all religions. If we spent more of our time seeking unity rather than divisiveness, I believe our efforts to create a better world could be further along.
    Wishing you much joy and happiness this Sunday as you celebrate the Holy Spirit.

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    • I really appreciate your comment Doctor Jonathan. It is SO well written. I wish there was not all the divisiveness. It causes so much pain, grief and suffering. It is important to respect others for their own beliefs and values, and having that word you shared “listening” is extremely important.

      You have a very caring heart for all your fellow humankind. Have so much respect for you. THANK YOU! 🙂


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