In The Image Of God

It is usually once or twice a week I will stop at a grocery store to stock up on items we are low on.  Some of the items are for breakfast and lunch and others are ingredients for supper meals.  After a workout or a long run my “go to meal” is a smoothie.  Six or seven simple ingredients like spinach leaves, frozen fruit, yogurt, chia seeds, protein powder, almond milk and seasonings like cinnamon or fresh ginger root. Throw them in the blender, and it is a wonderful meal with a nutritional punch.

Everything in our physical world around us is pretty much made of ingredients.  And that even includes our human body.  For the most part I imagine you could go to the right store and buy the common element ingredients for a human body.  But it is much more than throwing them in a blender.  The complexity of a functioning human body is absolutely mind boggling and is a compelling argument against the theory of evolution.  There is definitely a mastermind who has designed us.   The Bible tells us that designer is God.

.Beginning with something relatively simple such as our skin, it would have to be paper thin in places and made to stretch evenly over some eighteen square feet of the body.  As a sample of the whole, a piece of skin the size of a postage stamp would require 9.5 million cells, 78 yards of nerves, 650 sweat gland pores, 95-100 oil glands and 1300 five nerve ends to record pain.  Plus that there are extremely complex sensors to detect heat, cold and pressure.

So something as relatively simple as our skin really is not simple at all.  Think of the complexity of the ears, eyes, hands and feet.  And what about the blood, veins, heart. liver and pancreas.  And don’t forget the immune system.  And that there are 37 trillion cells in our bodies. And throughout the body every MINUTE three billion cells die and need to be replaced.

We are very complex human beings that come from an estimated 47 common elements.  But the most mind boggling this of all is that the Bible says that God made us in the image of God.  God made us so we could have a relationship with Himself.

It says in Genesis 1:27, “So God created man in His own image, in the image of God he created him male and female He created them”.  And unlike other creatures of creation which God commanded into existence, God Himself breathed life into the 1st man.  Genesis 2:7 says, “The Lord took a handful of soil and made a man.  God breathed life into the man, and the man started breathing”

Sometimes life can beat us down and there can be times where we feel like we are not worth much.  But to God we have tremendous intrinsic value and are of so much incredible worth to Him. And throughout the Bible again and again we are reminded how loved and special we really are.  Looking this way it really changes one’s perspective on life.



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