Hillsdale Presbyterian Church was the 1st church established in Hillsdale in 1851. It is the longest continuously running institution in the village, followed by the post office, which was established in 1867. The original church was a log building erected on the north-east corner of the cemetery found on Highway 93 just south of the village. It did not take long for the congregation to outgrow the building and a second church was built in 1867 across the road from the cemetery.

Picture of the church found on a historical information sign found at the community park.

Our church goes back a long time. Picture on top left is Rev. John Grey, who founded the church in 1851.

The current church was built further north within the village at the location of 6 Mill Street West. It was constructed in 1896 for $6,045. The bell was installed in 1905 and an organ was purchased in 1910. For generations it has been a vibrant meeting place of worship and connecting the community of Hillsdale together.

Stained glass windows, Hillsdale Presbyterian Church

Stained glass windows, Hillsdale Presbyterian Church

Attendances have fallen in churches all across Canada, and many churches have closed doors. At one time Hillsdale had 3 churches, and Hillsdale Presbyterian Church is the lone surviving church. Typical Sunday attendance ranges from 15-20 with special services such as Christmas Eve bringing in much larger numbers.

Different community activities like last summer the church was a rest stop for Tour for Kids, raising funds to send kids with cancer to cancer camps. :)

Different community activities throughout the year. In this photo the church property was used as a rest stop for Tour for Kids, raising funds to send kids with cancer to cancer camps. We have been involved the past 3 out of 5 years, and each year the Tour for Kids has passed through Hillsdale. 🙂

Not your typical Christmas tree, we collect mittens, hats and scarves on our mitten tree and then pass them on to the Hillsdale School as well as the women’s shelter for those who are needing these crucial winter items, One of several ways we do outreach to the community of Hillsdale.

The missionary we pray weekly for and support as much as our little congregation can, Dr. Wendy Willmore is a missionary surgeon in Tanzania. In Canada we have 250 surgeons per 1 million people. In Tanzania there are 2 surgeons per million people. Wendy has devoted her life to saving people lives. https://www.drwillmoremissionary.com/a-life-dedicated-to-saving-lives/

Our annual craft and bake sale is always very popular, and is an important fundraiser for our church. It also give the community the opportunity to #BuyLocal for a unique Christmas gift.

Thank you for stopping by.  And if you are in the Hillsdale, Ontario area why not drop by and worship with us on a Sunday morning.  We are a very warm, friendly congregation. The service format is quite laid back using audio video. You will find a local map on the right side of this page showing where we are. Our services are at 10:30 am with coffee, tea and homemade baking proceeding the service at 10 am.

Building from the outside.

Carl Wright: Lay Minister

email: st.a.hillsdale@gmail.com




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