A Big Task With Great Rewards

The original Father’s Day goes back 116 years ago to 1910 after a lady named Sorora Smart Dodd advocated to have a day to honour dads. After her mother died her dad William Jackson Smart raised Sonora and her five siblings.

Like many holidays and special days Father’s Day has gotten very commercialized, in 2015 there was 12.7 billion dollars expected to be spent on gifts for that year in the United States.

Image Source: eventsstyle.com

Image Source: eventsstyle.com

Despite all we hear about father’s day, there are 24.6% of people who do not celebrate Father’s Day.  It could be their father has died, and they are still trying to come to grips with it.  Or it could be that their father is not a part of their life.  For some Father’s Day can be an extremely difficult day, and is something Christians and the church always should be aware of.

The key verse we will be focusing on tomorrow in our father’s day church service is Proverbs 20:7 “A righteous man who walks in his integrity, how blessed are his children after him”  May God bless, encourage and strengthen each of the dads in the role they have given.  And may each of us be sensitive to those who may not have a father or father figure in their life.










4 thoughts on “A Big Task With Great Rewards

  1. Thank you for the history lesson. These holidays have become very commercialized, but this can never reduce the real meaning of fatherhood and the essential role a father plays in the development of a child. Thank you for sharing this inspirational message.

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